Monday, September 10, 2012


There are so many contributing factors to life isn't there?
We all go through our day to day lives and we learn and grow.

I am starting to feel as though I have my fire back!
I have gotten my crazy eating under control and am
ready to keep losing!
Isn't that so fun, LOSING?
This has to be the only time when losing something
is completely positive!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

a fresh new look

Hello Blog Land!
It has been a while since I have posted a new entry.
I have had to rethink my goals and get a fresh start.
I have gotten a bit distracted. Now, its time to move
forward and look forward to losing that 25 pounds I
want gone before Jan 9th.
I believe it is important to set realistic goals.
I am sure that I might lose more then that but I am
keeping my goal at 25 pounds. I want to move into a
new hundredths place but thats a few more pounds then
25, its actually 36. So there, thats my goal.
Lose 36 pounds by January 9th.  1
I have begun a new exercise routine that I will be starting
as of saturday.
I am going to kick it up and change the way I am eating.
I know that I haven't been drinking enough water.

so, in 17 weeks I want to lose 36 pounds, which is just about
2 pounds a week. Hoping that I don't blow it at thanksgiving
and christmas, I will be right on track.
I need to get my fire back. I lost it just a bit over the summer and
its a time for no excuses.

To the future!!