Monday, January 14, 2013

2013... here's to health and fitness

I wrote this on MFP, however I realize that not everyone has MFP and many have asked me how I am doing what Im doing.... so here it is. read up friends. I also love comments and questions. :)

I have reexamined my goals for this year. I am looking at my weight loss as 3 separate phases. Last year was phase 1.

Phase 1: Getting my eating under control. Watching what I ate and learning how to cook for myself in a new and healthy way and cut out fast/fried foods as much as possible. Not eating out isn't completely possible for me. I am very busy and spend a lot of time away from home. i needed to teach myself that there are places to eat that aren't unhealthy and reasonably priced. Even taking the extra time to go into a grocery store to get a healthy snack from time to time. Once I learned how to make eating fun and what made my body feel good versus eating because I was upset or unhappy, (which is why im here in the first place) and learn that food is fuel to grow and get strong. I still have "junk" from time to time, now I find things to do when I am upset like run or go to the gym instead of filling my body with food it doesn't need. Phase 1 also consisted of learning how to balance all the new information of food and incorporate exercise as well. I didn't workout for almost 2 months of Phase 1. I solely focused on food. What and when to eat. by the way, when you eat consistently, you will lose weight. your body doesn't feel like its starving and will WILLINGLY give up the extra fat, trust me, it doesn't want it either. :)

During Phase 1 I learned to LOVE exercise and being active. I really do love being active. its great. I love the way I feel after a great workout or even taking my little dogs for a walk. Fresh air and endorphins will change your life. In 2004 I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. It causes my back sever pain daily. I have a hard time getting out of bed, walking, and even bending. My doctor told me to not workout because I could actually harm myself more if i did any type of running or anything, so for years I didn't do anything active or physical. STUPID ME. I went to a chiropractor who told me a different story. He asked me if i ever had wanted to be in a wheelchair forever. I looked at him with a huge puzzled look on my face. He said that if I didn't lose weight, (which i knew) and start moving I was going to end up morbidly obese and in a chair forever. NO THANKS. It helps to have a plan and people who will keep you on the plan. With the help of a few of my friends, I started this journey and actually admitted to myself, out loud that I had a huge weight problem and needed to fix it. This is where phase 1 came into play. Here is phase one in steps.

1. look at what you are currently eating. Is is good? Healthy? pure crap?
2. How many calories are you eating daily? are the good or bad? are you DRINKING most of your calories (sodas, high calorie fruit drinks, etc?)  WHEN IN DOUBT, DRINK WATER.
3. What SHOULD you be eating? According to your weigh, personal health reasons (allergies, food restrictions, diabetes, etc)
4. How can you incorporate more fruits and veggies and LEAN protein into your daily meals? ( adding fruit and veggies will help fill you up without taking your calories along with it.) What is your current intake of Carbs and Fats, Proteins? How should they be changed to make sure you are getting the right vitamins. etc?
5. research new, healthy recipes. Make a weekly or even daily menu of the foods you WILL eat. You know what your day looks like, and if you are like me, you like to have a routine. This is great for a new lifestyle change.  Start to cook and prepare foods at home and take them with you when you know you won't be home to make food. Buy a lunch pale and ice packs. this isn't a temporary buy, invest in your future health.
6. start off SLOW! don't try everything all at once, one thing at a time. the slower the better. When we rush things, we tend to be overwhelmed and this only leads to frustration and discouragement.
7. Get moving. Take the stairs, park farther away at the store, take an extra trip pushing the cart. Make your life inconvenient . Making these little changes will have big returns later on. Walking is good for the body and soul. Take your dog and just walk. Get some good music and you won't even notice how far you've gone.
8. Make goals that you can DO! sometimes we want to make goals that are so far out of reach, i wonder why we do this?  Making big goals isn't bad, but make steps or goals within goals that will help push you toward that goal. again, slow and steady.
9.Find a friend you share these goals with. Have them keep you accountable and push you when you don't stay on track.
10. everyone will fail at some point. we all have cravings, emotions, and sometimes life just happens. Don't look at step backs as bad things, look at them as stepping stones pushing you forward.

I am now onto Phase 2 of this journey. Phase 2 for me is all about pushing myself beyond where i was last year. This time last year I was just beginning to figure this all out. Now I am going to push the limit. i want to be a close to my end goal as possible. That means doing things I don't really like to. I have new fitness goals for this year:
1. run in a half marathon!!
2. complete 90 days of cross fit.
3. walk to and from the gym- run even

So far these are the things I am working toward. I have my eating under control. i still have struggles when i'm not feeling my best to not eat my best, however I am VICTORIOUS over emotional
eating. ( thank you GOd! )

Phase 2 is all about completion. I still have around 120 more pounds that I want to lose. This is taking into consideration that I am rather muscular for being a big girl. My trainer was actually surprised by how strong I am and that I am almost more muscle then fat!! YAHOO!! I have more of a size that I want to be by the end of the year then a number on the scale. I am taller and have a wider frame and have no expectations of being a size 2. I feel that a size 10 is completely doable. I'm now between a 22/24 so that is definitely in my sights. I haven't figured out a shirt size as my boobs have a mind of their own and we will see where we are by the end.
This phase is all about the business of fitness. I am young and my body is able to do this stuff whether it wants to or not. Mind of matter.

Phase 3 is maintenance. This is where I will take my new lifestyle and continue in becoming more fit. Not so much about losing weight, but keeping homeostasis. Working out regularly and eating food consistently that is on my plan and not wavering. I will continue to weigh myself once a month and have a +/- 5 pound buffer above or below my goal weight. always remember that muscle and water weight are normal and happen to everyone. don't be discouraged by these things. Focus on your goals and everything will fall into place.


  1. Amazing! So good! I'm looking forward to seeing how you are coming along in phase 2!!! Lets go! :)

  2. This is why I love you. You continue to make me want to be better everyday, even when I don't want you to. That puts a smile on my face!