Monday, June 10, 2013

Diary of a runner.

Never in a million years would I look at myself and say, yeah. that girls a runner.

In the last 3 weeks I have been doing the C25k running app. It has been a struggle. Last week was definitely a struggle. It was the longest spurt of running I think i have ever done in my life and I thought I was going to fall. 

I am beginning to think that I might have asthma. I know the difference between my body being out of breath and that weird feeling of "I can't breathe and that phlegm that forms when you have asthma." all of this to say that I WILL be pushing forward and I WON'T stop running. It is such a free feeling being able to run and, yes I still giggle, and yes, at times my body does hurt during the process, but man does my body feel so much better afterward. 

I went yesterday for a run and when I got home I was so pumped I could have taken over the world. I feel so much better being active. It is amazing that all this time i didn't think that being active and healthy was a good idea. 

I look forward to getting up every morning and going to boot camp and going for a run. 


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